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McWatters Opticians offer Eye Tests Dromore & Northern Ireland wide.

Eye Tests

Your eye examination is not something that should be rushed. We like to allow 45 minutes for an adult eye test, although for a first visit we often allocate an hour. We don’t have any conveyor belts here.

My first question is always, “So what prompted you to come and see us today?” Frequently people tell me it is just a routine check-up, but as I ask a few more questions about vision and eye comfort as well as general health, a broader picture emerges.

I carry out the full examination, checking the health of the eyes, the prescription, the muscle balance and quite a lot more.

At the end of that we discuss the findings and I take time to explain things. At the end of the test you want to know the answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems and that is what I am here to provide.

We offer Eye Tests Dromore & Northern Ireland wide.

If you live in Dromore or surrounding areas and would like an Eye Test, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Who we are…

Rosemary’s journey in optometry began at the age of 14 when she first tried contact lenses. Immediately she became intrigued with the world of vision and that was when she decided she wanted to become an optometrist.

She studied in Cardiff before going on to work in independent practices in Belfast, Ballyclare and London. Having gained all this experience Rosemary then decided she wanted to start her own practice where she could ensure the patients always came first.

“The environment we have created is a balance of professional and friendly. We carry out thorough eye tests with up to date equipment and always have time for a chat too as we enjoy building relationships with our patients.

As an optician I want everyone to value their eye health and look stylish in their glasses.

I love the daily challenges of the job as I do so much more than just test eyes.

Whether it is solving the mystery of the suddenly sore red eye, or teaching all ages, 8 years old and up, to handle contact lenses, or getting the pliers out to repair and adjust squashed spectacles, every day is varied and interesting

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Eye Tests Dromore & Northern Ireland